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This page provide data search service from Dr. Ishihara's SF magazines database(include Japanese SF magazines from 1954 to 1998(Feb.)).
This page is a limited version of original search service (only english author, title etc. can be used to search). If you can use Japanese, please use search service by Japanese.

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A list of SF magazines included in this database is as follows.

[SF Magazine(Hayakawa Publishing Inc.)]* (1960 Fenb. to 1998 Feb.)
[Kiso-Ten-Gai(Seiko-Sha/Subaru-Shobou-Seiko-Sha)](1974 Jan. to 1974 Oct.)
[Kiso-Ten-Gai(Kiso-Tengai-Sha)] (1976 Apr. to 1981 Oct.)
[Bessatu Kiso-Tengai(Kiso-Tengai-Sha)] (1976 Nov. to 1981 Nov.)
[SF Adventure(Tokuma Shoten)]** (1979 to 1993 Jul.)
[SF Ho-seki(Ko-bun-Sha)] (1979 Aug. to 1981 Jun.)
[Shi-Shi-Oh(Asahi Sonorama)] (1985 Jul. to 1992 May)
[Sho-Setsu Kiso-Ten-Gai(Tairiku Shobo)] (1987 Dec. to 1990 Jun.)
[Griffon(Asahi Sonorama)] (1992 Nov. to 1994 May)
[SF Izm(Shapio)]*** (1981 May to 1985 Oct. )
[SF no Hon(Shin-Jidai-Sha)] (1982 Dec. to 1986 Jun.)
[SF World(Futaba-Sha)]**** (1983 Aug. to 1985 Jan.)
[Seiun(Mori-no-Michi-Sha)] (1954(only 1 issue))
[Kagaku Sho-Setsu(Omega Club)] (1957 to 1960(Total 2 issues))

* Includes extra volumes and "Sho-setsu Hayakawa 'Hi!'".
** Includes extra volumes.
*** Excludes issues which not include any novels.
****This magazine is extra volumes of "Sho-setsu Suiri".

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