SF Books and Magazines(in Japan) Database Search

This page services keyword search from SF books database and SF Magazines database in Japan (compiled by Dr. Fujio Ishihara). Original data mainly contain Japanese charactor, so, this page only services 'original author' or 'orioginal title' keyword search. If you want to search other keyword (such as 'japanese author', 'japanese title', 'press' etc.) please use WWW browser which can read/write japanese charactor, and use japasene search page.

SF Books Database search
(contains books info. (sold in Japan in 1946 -> 2000))

SF Magazines Database search
(contains magazines(novels only) info. (issued in Japan in 1954 -> 1998))

If you want buy original data (printed version, CD-ROM version), please contact to Dr. Ishihara.

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